The Outpost

You take the role of an operator on a small checkpoint outpost in outer space where your job is to make sure that all ships coming through the region has their papers and permissions in place to pass through. Due to authorities mysteriously losing all contact to your outpost, you end up inheriting total command of […]


A three on three competitive multiplayer game where you move 30 seconds back in time when killed. Players are pitted against each other in an arena environment. Whenever you die, you teleport to the position you were exactly 30 seconds ago and can’t move for 3 seconds. Each player has 3 lives. Once your 3 lives are […]

The Crash

A large prison transport space ship crashes on a distant tropical planet. Only one emergency escape pod in the ship remains partly functional. The necessary parts are scattered around the environment and the prisoners must find them and fix the escape pod. The twist is that there is only room for five in the pod, so the […]

Mutation Manager

A game about mutating different species and evolving one into the most dominant. You evolve species by spending DNA points that they build up when they reproduce. You can pick between a variety of different mutations to spend DNA points on. Each mutation has a chance of success. They might not turn out the way they were supposed to. […]


A turn-based multiplayer arena game where players battle each other using spears.   Players take turns drawing three cards and picking one to use in their round. Cards decides the moves of the player (i.e. “move three south and attack west”, or “jump two east and throw spear north”). Players only have ten seconds to decide in order […]