Mutation Manager

A game about mutating different species and evolving one into the most dominant.

  • You evolve species by spending DNA points that they build up when they reproduce.
  • You can pick between a variety of different mutations to spend DNA points on.
  • Each mutation has a chance of success. They might not turn out the way they were supposed to.
  • The game starts out with presenting the player with a procedurally generated world with around a dozen species.
  • The player must claim five species before the game starts.
  • If all of the claimed species goes extinct, the player has lost the game.
  • You may only spend DNA points on their claimed species.
  • You win when the population of one of your claimed species becomes ten times as large as all other species.
  • The game mainly consists of observing species interacting with each other and spending DNA points.
  • You cannot directly interact with any species.
  • You can read statistics and about characteristics of all species.
  • You may end up in a situation where your claimed species are competing with each other. In that situation, the player can pick unfavorable mutations to downplay one of them.

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