The Outpost

You take the role of an operator on a small checkpoint outpost in outer space where your job is to make sure that all ships coming through the region has their papers and permissions in place to pass through.
Due to authorities mysteriously losing all contact to your outpost, you end up inheriting total command of it and from that point on have to make all important decisions on your own.

  • Initially your daily job is to communicate with the space traffic and ensure that only those with the right papers cross through.
  • Radio, direct messages, a file share system and video link are some of the communication methods that you need to use depending on the type of ship you are reaching out to.
  • Stricter laws are applied as the game progresses, making it increasingly difficult to determine swiftly who is supposed to pass through and who should be denied or detained.
  • As the laws become more strict, some will attempt to falsify papers, lie, threaten you and attempt to inject your systems with malicious viruses.
  • At a critical point in the game, the player lose all contact with authorities leaving the player alone with full power over the station and all decisions on how the outpost is to be run.
  • Will you turn the outpost into a mercenary outpost for military space criminals, a space casino with brothels or simply stick to the initial task of checking papers and permissions?
  • You may also try to solve the mystery of what happened to the authorities you were working for by talking to people crossing through.
  • As you communicate with captains and crew from all kinds of ships, you will be presented with options to steer your outpost in different directions.
  • There are a wide variety of ways for the player to customize the outpost. For example, the player can allow ships to dock at the outpost and have their crew stay. The player can also hire construction workers to expand the outpost and build entirely new sections and areas or hire military contractors to defend the outpost against pirates.
  • The game should start out as fairly monotonous while the end game is more of a management game about constructing your ultimate space station.
  • For the entirety of the game, the player takes the vast majority of decisions in the command bridge room through the different communication systems.

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