Exhibiting Hellstar at Tent – London Design Fair 2016

I feel priviliged to have been invited to exhibit my thesis project and game prototype Hellstar at the London Design Fair along with other students and graduates from The Royal Danish Academy.


This is the first time for me travelling outside of Denmark on my own staying at small hostel. While slightly uncomfortable being on my own, I quickly got comfortable in the busy city of London.


The hostel I stayed at is called The Dictionary. It is a relatively small quirky hostel with a lot of young people from around the world. The people were friendly and positive. The young staff appeared to be running the place well, and there was a unique charm to the place.



The exhibition was mainly for design within the fields of furniture, living and art. I was the only one showing a video game at the fair. It clearly stood out in the crowd and attracted attention. On the other hand it was unlikely to connect with people from the games industry at the fair. All things considered it feels fantastic to have been there and talk to all sorts of people working in other fields of design.


The area where I stayed and where the exhibition took place is close to Brick Lane. It is an area with a lot of life to it. Street food, old architecture and interesting graffiti. I couldn’t help but notice how many people there are in London. I have yet to find anywhere to take a break alone in silence. That was somewhat challenging to get used to. I don’t think London would suffer from having more parks and places to sit down in public. While the city is interesting and fascinating, it also reminds me of why I love Copenhagen as much as I do.


I was heading home on the 26th of September early in the morning.




Picoban – A fast paced and colorful puzzle game

Picoban is a maze puzzle game with very simple controls. As you take the role of the imprisoned Picoban you must find a way to escape from the cursed and illusive castle.

The trick is that you cannot stop moving once you have started in a direction before you hit a wall or something else that stops you.
This makes for a puzzle game where the player is encouraged to analyze the different paths in order to find the right one.

Picoban was nominated in the category Best Showcase at Spilprisen 2017

Spilprisen is The Danish Producer’s Association’s annual tribute to the best Danish digital games in a number of categories.

You can check out Picoban here: https://jehal.itch.io/picoban


On the 12th of September 2016 I released Picoban on Itch.io with two different versions. One which is a free demo containing the first seven levels of the game. The other which is a full development version with all the content. The development version will receive updates continuously and new updates for that version continues to be free for supporters.





Pixel Art Environment Tileset for Platformers

A pixel art environment tileset for platformer games.

The pack contains seven different environment themes and can be used for prototyping platformer games.

The tiles are saved in PNG lossless format at 16 x 16 px size and are compatible with most game creation tools. The tiles are suitable resizing in doubles to for example 32 x 32 or 64 x 64.

The pack also includes the original Photoshop CS5 work file and folders with all of the tiles saved individually sorted by theme.

You can find more information at the Itch.io page.

Showcase Tilted Summer
Summer theme
Showcase Tilted Mountain
Mountain theme
Showcase Tilted Desert
Desert Theme
Showcase Tilted Tundra
Tundra theme
Showcase Tilted Floral
Flora theme
Showcase Tilted Dungeon
Dungeon theme
Showcase Tilted Autumn
Autumn theme