Picoban V5 update information

New demo and development versions of Picoban V5 are up on Itch.io for both Windows and Mac OSX: https://jehal.itch.io/picoban The update includes: Fixed numerous level leaks and areas where players could get stuck. Added a new area in the development version for the three hard levels that were previously found after collecting all three relics in the […]

Picoban demo and development build access released on Itch.io

Picoban demo and development build access are now available at jehal.itch.io/picoban this page game.construction/picoban will serve as the changelog and development blog. Picoban started as a little idea for a puzzle game I had around the 5.th of September 2016. I spent the following 7 days working roughly 8 hours a day to develop the prototype. It is now […]