Cows – A simple card game for two players.

“Two farmers challenge each other to a game of guessing the worth of a herd of cows.”

A simple card game for two players.

A game typically lasts about 15 minutes.

Who starts?

Flip a coin to determine which of the two players starts as the guesser.
The other player starts as the dealer.


The dealer must shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. This is the draw pile.
Before the round begins, the guesser must choose one of the following options:

Knock – Simply knock on the deck to confirm that you trust that the dealer has shuffled the cards thoroughly.

Lift – Lift any amount of cards in one grab and place them next to the deck. Then take what was left and place those cards on top.


The dealer takes the top card of the draw pile and looks at it without the guesser being able to see what card it is.

The guesser must then make up to two guesses as to what card it is, one at a time.

On the first guess, if the card is lower than the guess, the dealer says “lower”.
On the first guess, if the card is higher than the guess, the dealer says “higher”.

If the opponent guesses correctly, the card is then added to that player’s point pile which is to be placed on the table face down in front of them.

If both guesses were incorrect, the card is placed face down in a discard pile.

End of round

Once the draw pile is empty, the players switch roles and the discard pile is then shuffled into a new draw pile.

End of game – Finding the winder

Once there are no cards left to shuffle, the players count the cards in their point piles. The player with highest amount of cards wins.

Suits and colors are not relevant. The rank is what counts.
Joker cards are not used.

The rank of cards from lowest to highest

1 – 10
Jack (11)
Queen (12)
King (13)