SUPRA – A card game about pimping cars

SUPRA is a card game about pimping cars and comparing them.

A game of SUPRA takes about 20 minutes.

What you need in order to play

  • Common playing cards without jokers (52)
  • 2 to 5 players.
  • A table or similarly flat surface to place cards on.


  • Shuffle the cards.
  • Deal 4 cards to each player.
  • All players take their highest card and place these in one pile facing up. This the SCRAP PILE.
  • All players a dealt a new 4th. card.
  • Every player must now build their car from the 4 cards (see car setup).
  • The remaining cards are placed in a pile facing down. This is the DRAW PILE.

Car setup

A car consists of four cards:

  • WHEELS – Used in DRIFT

Building your cars

Build your car in order from the highest value card to the lowest. The order in which a CAR must be built is ENGINE, then CABIN, then WHEELS, and finally SPOILER (see image above).

Once all CARS are built, the first turn begins.

Turn rules

A turn starts by one player taking 4 cards one at a time from the DRAW PILE and placing them on the table facing up. These 4 cards are called the LINEUP.

The amount of red cards in the LINEUP determines what will happen next this turn:

1 Red card = STREET RACE – Compare ENGINES.
2 Red cards = STYLE SHOWOFF – Compare CABINS.
3 Red cards = DRIFT – Compare WHEELS.
4 Red cards = ROBBERY – Compare SPOILERS.
No red cards = GARAGE DAY – Work on your CARS.

This image portrays a moment in the game between two players with text highlighting the core elements of the game.

Determining the turn winner

In STREET RACE, STYLE SHOWOFF, DRIFT, and ROBBERY, the players must compare their cards in the given category. The player with highest value card on their CAR in the given category wins the turn.

Even value resolution

Should two or more players have even values on the cards compared, then they must instead compare the next card their CARS in reverse order (as shown on the image below) in order to determine the turn winner.

If two players have CARS with identical values, then both players must take the initially compared card in question and move it to the SCRAP PILE, after which these players take turns to draw a new card from the DRAW PILE to put in its place. This process is repeated until the CARS no longer have identical values. If there is not enough cards left in the DRAW PILE to do this for the players in question, the game ends.

Turn winner

If the category is ROBBERY, you must pick one card in the LINEUP and replace it with a card of your choice on your CAR. The card replaced is then moved to your GARAGE. Skip REPLACEMENT and proceed to perform WINNERS CHOICE.


  • Take the card that you won with from your CAR and move it into your own GARAGE PILE (facing down).
  • Take the lowest value card in the LINEUP and put it in the empty place on your CAR.


  • Move the lowest value card left in the LINEUP directly into the SCRAP PILE (facing up).
  • 2 cards now remain in the LINUP. You must target an opponent player and perfrom SABOTAGE or ASSISTANCE (described below).
  • The remaining card is moved to the SCRAP PILE.
  • The turn ends.

SABOTAGE – Go for the highest card

Take the highest card in the LINEUP and replace it with a card of your choice on their CAR. The replacement must be an upgrade, meaning that the card you choose to replace must not be equal to or higher in value than the new card (unless this is not possible).
The replaced card is moved to the SCRAP PILE.

ASSISTANCE – Go for the lowest card

Take the lowest card in the LINEUP and give it to the target player. The target player must replace one card on their CAR with the card that you’ve given them. The cards switching place must not be of different values (unless this is not possible).
The replaced card is moved to the SCRAP PILE.


GARAGE DAY is performed by all players in clockwise order starting with the last player who won a round (or the youngest player if this is the first round).

  • Take your GARAGE PILE up on your hand.
  • If you are the player (or one of multiple players) with the highest amount of cards on their hand, you must take the highest value RED card and move it to the SCRAP PILE (you may not SCRAP a BLACK card).
    Other players are free to request to see your GARAGE PILE if they suspect you’ve cheated or made a mistake.
  • Pick one card of the remaining cards in your GARAGE PILE and replace it with any card their your CAR.
  • Move the replaced card into your GARAGE PILE.

The tun ends once all players have performed their actions on GARAGE DAY.
If you have no cards in your GARAGE PILE, you don’t take part in the GARAGE DAY.
If you had only one card at the start of the GARAGE DAY and had to move it to the SCRAP PILE, you don’t get to do anything after performing the first step in GARAGE DAY.


If there are not enough cards in the DRAW PILE to reveal 4 cards in a LINEUP, stop once the last card from the DRAW PILE has been revealed into the LINEUP and perfrom GARAGE DAY. Leave the incomplete LINEUP on the table.

Once GARAGE DAY is over, shuffle the SCRAP pile and place it facing down as the new DRAW PILE. Continue to complete the incomplete LINUP by drawing cards from the DRAW PILE.

If there are not enough cards to form a new DRAW PILE and complete the LINEUP, the game ends (see Game Winner below).

Game winner

The winner is the first player that has 10 cards minus the amount of players in their GARAGE pile, or in the case of 6 players and above, the player with most cards in their GARAGE pile once there are not enough cards left to reveal a LINEUP of 4 cards from the DRAW pile. If at this point multiple players have the same amount of cards in their GARAGE PILE, the player with highest value CAR wins.

SUPRA is designed by Mark Olsen and Jesper Halfter.