Textmode art – Spaceship experiments

This collection of images are the result of a personal project I worked on where my goal was to learn to use a piece of software called Playscii.

“Playscii is an open source ASCII art, animation, and game creation program.”.
My process was to create a color palette and pick a character set (that being JPETSCII (see bottom of post)) and then proceed to draw up shapes and add colors and details. I would then do color adjustments using photo editing software.

The image below presents the first version of the ships that I created years ago for a pixel art top down shooter game. These were the inspirations for shapes and colors of the ships I created using Playscii.

The jpetscii tileset I used immediately threw me on a path of putting together some type of spaceship, and the image below presents the result of my first attempt.

This was before I understood barely anything about the software, so I used no layers and I didn’t use any custom colour palette. Instead I just went with the Quake palette which I think is awesome, and started doodling shapes and slowly adding details while swapping colors here and there.

Once I was satisfied I exported it with the default CRT filter (which I regret somewhat), and applied some color adjustments.

The image below shows the character set JPETSCII by JP LeBreton which I used in creating these spaceships.