Frypan Fight Club: Garlic Edition

Frypan Fight Club was created at Nordic Game Jam 2023 at Aalborg University in Copenhagen.
We were a team of four that worked together for the duration of the 48 game jam to create this local multiplayer brawler for PC.

Frypan Fight Club is a fast paced local multiplayer brawler where each player controls a garlic character. The goal is to stay on the pan for as long as possible by moving and jumping around, kicking the other garlics out, or kicking them close to a hot pepper that explodes and sends them flying. Each round presents some random elements like the pan animations, drops of oil that makes you slippery, and explosive hot peppers.

We are proud of this chaotic little game that turned out to be quite popular at the game jam’s showcase session where people walked around and played each others’ games.

You can download Frypan Fight Club on and have some fun with up to four others.