Wan Yama – Lightweight turn-based strategy game prototype

Wan Yama is a prototype I developed in order to test a concept for a lightweight turn-based strategy game.


The prototype was created as a part of a business course where I had to develop a game concept, game prototype and a business plan to follow.
I was heavily inspired by an old browser game BBC – Walking With Dinosaurs – Big Al Game. A game where you control a young Allosaurus trying to survive.

As a newly hired operator for Geno Corp, your job is to operate creatures in an artificial environment to gather important research data.
You must hunt, fight, eat and drink in order to grow strong enough to reach the top of the food chain.

Wan Yama is only a very raw prototype for a university project intended to display a few core mechanics. There is no finite win condition and only one creature type to play as.

You can download the prototype for PC here: https://jehal.itch.io/wan-yama