Pixel Art Environment Tileset for Platformers

A pixel art environment tileset for platformer games.

The pack contains seven different environment themes and can be used for prototyping platformer games.

The tiles are saved in PNG lossless format at 16 x 16 px size and are compatible with most game creation tools. The tiles are suitable resizing in doubles to for example 32 x 32 or 64 x 64.

The pack also includes the original Photoshop CS5 work file and folders with all of the tiles saved individually sorted by theme.

You can find more information at the Itch.io page.

Showcase Tilted Summer
Summer theme
Showcase Tilted Mountain
Mountain theme
Showcase Tilted Desert
Desert Theme
Showcase Tilted Tundra
Tundra theme
Showcase Tilted Floral
Flora theme
Showcase Tilted Dungeon
Dungeon theme
Showcase Tilted Autumn
Autumn theme