Picoban – A fast paced and colorful puzzle game

Picoban is a maze puzzle game with very simple controls. As you take the role of the imprisoned Picoban you must find a way to escape from the cursed and illusive castle.

The trick is that you cannot stop moving once you have started in a direction before you hit a wall or something else that stops you.
This makes for a puzzle game where the player is encouraged to analyze the different paths in order to find the right one.

Picoban was nominated in the category Best Showcase at Spilprisen 2017

Spilprisen is The Danish Producer’s Association’s annual tribute to the best Danish digital games in a number of categories.

You can check out Picoban here: https://jehal.itch.io/picoban


On the 12th of September 2016 I released Picoban on Itch.io with two different versions. One which is a free demo containing the first seven levels of the game. The other which is a full development version with all the content. The development version will receive updates continuously and new updates for that version continues to be free for supporters.