Vibe Can – A simple program delivering ambient background noises

Vibe Can is a small program allowing the user to put together an ambient soundtrack they can listen to while working or relaxing.

The current version of Vibe Can is sci-fi themed. It attempts to capture a variety of different environmental sounds inspired by sci-fi settings.
This involves stuff like server noises, an ion storm, construction noises, space engines, keyboard clicks and control room ambient sounds.

The user may combine any of the ambient tracks to create their own comfortable ambient track, whether they wish to work or relax while listening to it.
The tracks are looped and will continue until the user close the program.

Vibe can comes with 6 different visual themes and 12 different ambient tracks.
I made the program in one week in the hours after work. I may continue development at a later point in time depending on interest from the outside and how much spare time I am able to dedicate.