Dune Race Concept Art

These are some concept art pieces I drew for a top down combat racing game with the working title Dune Race (no affiliation with the Dune franchise).
It was a personal project that has since been retired.

The basic gist of the game is that players must race across the dunes in hovercraft like vehicles. They are allowed to use non-destructive weapons against each other. Think of it as a mix between the Dakar Rally and Formula 1 with some Mad Max and science fiction sprinkled on top. There would be at least three different race categories, each with rules in regards to vehicle standards and weapon setups, albeit with a degree of freedom in regards to feature application which would allow players to experiment with the setups of their vehicles.

The concept art I drew for this project explored different vehicle frames and color schemes. It was important that the vehicle types were easy to recognize and distinguish from each other, but the individual vehicles within a type also easy to distinguish from one another based on their coat of paint.