Harpoon FRVR – A mobile fishing game

Harpoon FRVR is a simple mobile game where you play as a fisherman equipped with a variety of harpoon weapons and is tasked with catching as many fish as possible before the time runs out.

Play it in your browser here:

Or find it on Google Play Store:

I was the game designer on this project for Bolverk Games and FRVR.

Although the basic design of the game is simple on the surface and one that is seen in countless clones of the classic Gold Miner flash game, there are a couple of nuances to this game that I think makes this a decent game, and one that I had fun developing and playing.

  • Fast paced action and short sessions makes this what I think is a true “toilet game” where you can have some quick non-committing fun.
  • A progression system where golden jellyfish can be caught to unlock a wide variety of harpoons that caters to slightly different play styles.
  • Skill based gameplay where great shots matter a lot if you want to get a good score, and where bad shots can cost you a lot of time and points.

Thinking back on this project, I think it would have been a better decision to switch the gameplay up so that trash was what gave points and fish was what was “bad” to catch. Although it looks dramatic when the fish are jittering once on your hook, and satisfying to see them being reeled in, I think the game overall risks sending a poor message. Cleaning the ocean from trash instead of fish would have been better for this game in my opinion.